Ayat Ayat Hello! Sep 18, 2023

What makes you sad?


This is my first post on this website actually so yeah kinda off to a bad start.
but yea, as a dumb teen 17 year old boy, There's a lot happening in my life
and soon after something else happens.

Now, Im a very introvert guy, who doesn't talk a lot and who is delusional on his own thoughts. Recently read a article that people often share the same reason of being sad which is probably fake but wondered to myself, what does other people be sad about.

Is like like money, cars, study/education, etc etc.
or is it something else like me who just gets sad without any reason because of my own thoughts and imagination. I mean duh.. its just a emotion.

But yeah, I would like to know what makes you sad
and do you feel that the purpose was real and affective?
and do you have a event that you would like to share?
Just to make you feel a little lighter and less gummed up inside

But hey!
thats my question and...
wish you all a happy and a good day
with a bright future ahead of you i know a lot for a 17 year old to say

See ya!
Take care!
Be safe!
And even if noone cares about you
Know that this 17 year old dummy does!


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Hey @Ayat!

Have you tried writing your own answer to the question? Writing can be surprisingly powerful to clarify and understand your thoughts.

Here's a little game for you to try:

  1. Open
  2. Set up a word goal of 750 words (see screenshot below👇)
  3. Set up a time limit of 20 minutes
  4. You have to reach the word goal before the time runs out!

Now write down your thoughts as fast as they come. Don't "think" them, just write them.
Let me know how you feel afterwards.


P.S. This is exercise is called Automatic Writing, by the way.

In reply to René René


I tried it
And man I did really feel good.
Just for a couple of minutes, I guess
Then I just delete the whole thing.

Man you made me into a war machine of speaking nonsence

Sorry for the late reply
But I hope you have a great day~!
Read ya soon!