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Some ideas

Blank Page

From time to time I like to just type random works separated by a dot (.) (like "human.alive") on my browser just to see what is gonna pop on.
So I typed "" expecting to find a empty page with white background. Imagine my surprise why I saw a beautiful code editor that with no bullshit allowed me to just start typing, nice!
A simple editor, free and with no ads might be exactly what you need.

I have been using it for a couple while and I'll show you for what you can do with it.

Fast Editor

Ideas come and go fast, so you will a fast and reliable to catch them. What can be more easy than simply typing on your web browser.

Don't know about you but I expend most of my time surfing this vast web and ideas is popping me up all the time, ideas that vanish from the time that takes to open my editor (I would normally use Obsidian) or at least I wouldn't be writing then with the same clearness.

In a sense I think most of people will find it really useful as sketch book where you can build you ideas in its more primitive form.

Open the editor and catch your ideas, don't let them run away!


Another article written by @Berta she mentions that she likes to write emails on the editor before sending them. You could do it for other type of messages before sending them as the site provides spell checking which might not be not available in some email clients.

Classes appointments

Need to start taking notes on classes but your default editor takes too long to open, well, well, you know what to do, as pointed by @Daniel.


I never used it as a code editor because the default page does not provide code highlighting, but I have consider it. So you can write code without having to open your IDE like this.

class BlankPageArticle:
    def __init__(self, user, content, time):
        self.user = user
        self.content = content
        self.time = tiem


These are some use cases but be creative on what you want to do.

See you later fellow human friend

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