X xhekd i try to be productive Oct 31, 2023

Journal Prompt: Overthinking simple things day or #1

[i like to write this like a email for no reason whatsoever]
My prompt or what I am overthinking today is...If you had three wishes, what would you wish for?


Well, my first wish, would to have everyone enjoy their lives and find happiness and chasing their dreams.


For everyone's goal in life to be accomplished and enjoying the rest of their lives.


That there would be no violence and everyone living in harmony, there would be no anger, nothing that would make anyone sad or mad.
Well, with everyone happy; there would be no sadness, crime, jealousy, or anything of the sort; it would be perfect while everyone would be living in harmony, everyone is good and happy, and well, while also having choices and opinions.

That is day one, 11:13 am.
[i only do these journal prompts on weekdays by the way]

have a good day