Wornxout Wornxout Weird human being Feb 11, 2024

Writing stuff here

I recommended a light and dark mode on the survey before noticing it already existed help- 💀
Anyway I just use blank page to write stuff sometimes and I like to read other people’s stories sometimes too :P

I haven’t written as much recently, but I’m working on a story based on a Roblox game called “weird strict dad”. You basically have to survive your creepy father that tries to kill you while managing oxygen, food, and thirst 😃 👍 it’s a good game, though. Too bad there are so many copies of it. I just write stories when I feel like it. I already have a journaling app, but it’s pretty horrible and blank page might be a better alternative. Anyway I’m running out of things to sayptotugovnfiagabkfkgf bye

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