René René is typing... Apr 28, 2024

To be or not to be (single)

Today I've been too busy to think about for the past few weeks. But now that I'm coming back, here's what's on my mind:

  • Let's continue to explore what's possible around "invisible" features while writing (lists, headers, basic formatting via keyboard shortcuts). This needs further exploration around using a framework like ProseMirror or Draft.js vs. continuing to take the basic text-area to its limits.
  • I still see value in supporting multiple pages, but once we do it, it's inevitable to become yet another notes/document app. The other vision is staying true to the ephemeral nature of a single page and focusing on the writing experience only. Blank Page as the typewriter of the web and nothing else.
  • I guess I'm leaning towards a single page experience and focusing on adding more value there. I get the feeling that "multiple pages" might be primarily motivated by the intention to monetize the product.
  • We could start using AI from the edges. For example, a very good translator to begin with. Then, maybe, a spellchecker on steroids. These are all "single page! features that don't need multiple pages.
  • I'm also starting to see value (again!) in bringing back the word goal and timer back. Elegantly designed. Again, these are single page features!
  • Finally, maybe, just maybe, supporting a few pre-defined text sizes. Again, single page value!

It's almost comical how designing []( is deciding what not to build constantly.

Next up: Discuss with @Mo the approach of using a more sophisticated text editor framework or not.