Quick freestyle summary of basically what I go through everyday w these obsessed stalkers

Regret what ? Bet . You'll be leavin get sum rest , Soon after my mom will be coming home next . WHERE will you b ? who knows or cares either the east or tha west . aint even gon break a sweat , ima give it my all , give it my best . cant wait to its in the past and celebrate the day they left . and pack it all up aint no more time left , wen u walkn down that path , bitch dont look back ; dont break ya neck . yo body gon b full of chains , too bad they wont b on ya neck . & i aint talkin bout what niggvs wear to stunt & flex . thinkin natural sexual shit is nasty , wait till you in a open bay w some less's havin sex . they aint gon stop nor listen no matter how poiletly you're asking . knowin u could never get past me , youre ashy , im ashing - runnin to the furute why you focused on how my past be . puttin down tha past me , as if it's ever lasting .thats why its called tha past B . you lackin if you ask me , but ion ever remember asking , you're chest flat like a man Be , got no curves nor no phat ass cheeks . what happened to them cheeks tha ones on yo face why they sink ? eyes open so damn wide her high ass cant blink . why them thighs open so wide ? bitch open the blinds that coochie stink . its black , not pink .its worn , torn , pungent , and loud asf like a horn . I done finally went & pressed ignore . Worried bout tha broken pieces in my life i already upgraded and sewn . ion need yo help i can do bad all on my own . bitch im grown , u too old , what chu know ? bitch nose all in my phone . she could smell hits thru tha screen , she full of envy & so mean . ion comprehend what they mean , like birdman on repeat is how they talkin bout what they seen . its like they only dream , you know thats they favorite sceen . rather watch bunch of dope - ... fiends , sittin on their boo - ty rather than go get sum green . love makin fun of me , im full of love and its funny . is she 3 or 40 i cant tell its a mystery . shes so stuffed w misery , got me on a TV screen , not as soon but really right before I leave . difficult to believe but i am not lying. throwin a fit when im not somewhere like i have an appointment . they sick & cut throat need sum oitment , bunch of creepy sad ass clowns ; glad ion wanna join . stalkers is so annoying , swear that they b knowing but dont see where this is going . its gon b hard wen it him em like its growing in my groin . fuck being tender this is not the loin , & i am not lyin Im tha apex predator like a lion . sayin what i think lol if you really knew me youd know i think yo pussy stink . but i never and never will b anywhere near it . they all steady bitching like all uear they was on they all year period . tha end is near & i know they fearin it .this me & my family home & we here in it . if it aint foward & pointing to tha rear then i aint hearin it . i promise that was straight up off tha dome , i jus now got home . thats a summary there yo go here go tha period .