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Enhancing with Color Themes

Hello fellow users! 😊

I’ve been using for brainstorming and other tasks, and I’ve found it to be a fantastic platform. However, I’d like to suggest an exciting feature that could enhance our experience even further: customizable themes for the user interface.

Currently, I’m using a Chrome extension called Color Changer to modify the interface, and the results have been impressive. You can see the changes in the screenshot. But wouldn’t it be fantastic if we had these features directly integrated into

Here are a couple of ideas for implementing customizable themes:

Pre-Selected Themes: could offer a selection of pre-designed themes. Users could choose from a variety of color schemes, fonts, and layouts. Whether you prefer a minimalist look or something vibrant and eye-catching, having predefined themes would make personalization a breeze.

Fully Customizable Interface:
For those who want complete control, imagine having the ability to tweak every aspect of the interface. From background colors to button styles, users could fine-tune to match their preferences.
Customizable elements might include:

  • Background Colors: Choose soothing pastels or bold, energetic hues.
  • Font Styles: Pick a font that resonates with your creativity.

Capture d'écran 2024-05-29 101228.png
Capture d'écran 2024-05-29 101422.png

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Thanks for the suggestion! We are not considering more themes (other than light/dark mode) at the moment, but we'll keep it mind. In the mean time, we're happy to be compatible with Color Changer and other browser extensions for users who truly want this!


Take a look @Mo ☝️