René René is typing... Aug 18, 2023

Introduce yourself 👋

Tell us where you're from, what brings you here, and how did you discover!

I'm René from Mexico City, currently living in Barcelona.

I started making back in 2018 with my friend Mark Mackay. It went through a series of different names and iterations until I stumbled upon the domain in December 2019 and just couldn't resist it (despite its hefty price!).

Since then, it has taken on a life of its own. Most people find it when searching for a "blank page to type" on Google and are surprised to find exactly that. Some seem to really like it :)

This community is the beginning of a new chapter. In the coming months (and hopefully years), we'll experiment with various product ideas around writing. I’m very happy to share them here with you, so make sure to stay tuned!

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Mark MacKay Mark MacKay Mod Compulsive journal keeper Aug 22, 2023

Hi, I'm Mark MacKay. I'm a creative dev and designer currently living in Montréal, Canada (but I think I will go back to Mexico where I usually live when it gets cold. I think. I never know what I'm going to do next!). As René wrote, I help out René bringing his vision to code and sometimes we bounce around ideas as creative accomplices for our mutual projects.

What brings me here? Curiosity.

What excites me? Experiencing new things! I constantly try to expand my surface of experience, I will chose a new restaurant over my favorite one, I prefer a new destination for vacations rather than one I've enjoyed in the past. What am I experiencing right now that is new? Dancing and acroyoga.

Hello, my name is Alberto Salvador, from Tijuana Baja California, currently living in Puebla, México.
Searching for a tool to write some of my short stories, I found
From the beginning I was marveled by its simplicity and, since then I have been using it.
On the other hand, I think the idea of a Community is very good. I hope that the Blank Page Community keeps growing up.
Thank you very much for this great idea.
Keep it going and, as René advised, we will keep tuned.

Mark MacKay Mark MacKay Mod Compulsive journal keeper Aug 26, 2023
In reply to Alberto Salvador Hernández Ruiz Alberto Salvador Hernández Ruiz

Oh sweet synchronicities, I'm planning to go back to Puebla—my hometown—before it gets too cold here in Montreal (early November perhaps?). Espero conocerte entonces, Alberto Salvador.

Is there anywhere you publish your short stories? I'm always mesmerized by the cathartical.

MiniMario MiniMario 1# Mini Mario Supporter Sep 2, 2023

Hi, I'm Mini. I make little rpg games, and write as a hobby, currently living in Orlando, Florida. I was looking 'round the web just for things to do, when I stumbled across In fact, it's how I'm writing a rewrite of one of my older stories. I find any reference or significant improvement in my artistic skills very exciting, makes me feel accomplished!

Hi, I'm Mo 👋 I'm currently living in Barcelona. I met @René a few months ago and we began collaborating on I've always believed that writing is an essential skill that every human being should be proficient in, so I'm excited to participate in a community around writing. I'm hoping to learn a lot from everyone!

M Mo7 College Student Sep 3, 2023

Hi! I'm another Mo. I am a college freshmen currently living in Texas. I found by searching up "Blank page for notes" on Google and fell in love immediately. I use for two main purposes: 1) to make a list of things I need to remember and 2) to write an essay or discussion post and edit it before posting it as an assignment. I really like because it is within the web browser I use, meaning it's really easy to access and I don't have to open another software to write things down. I am excited to see how keeps developing and improving.

Gear Driven Gear Driven professional furry Sep 4, 2023

Hi! I'm Gear! I'm a mod creator for the game Friday Night Funkin, And keeping track of stuff is quite hard.
originally i thought would literally be a blank page for html.. but i was mistaken, and i liked that this worked.
i can now officially call myself a " forum veteran"

hello i am aly i use blank page for my thoughts and my weird stories i write. i love this platform i use it most of my time, there is no other platform or writing tab that is better than blank page. i love it i love it I LOVE IT keep it up blank page<3

Hi, I'm Kiko Call me K, I live in the Philippines and I love cats, I have been using for like 3 years and then I started to post random things until I logged in to Blank Page Cafe, and it's kinda fun to make friends online. Who is friendly. not gonna lie. I am a Roblox Game Developer, I make random games that come to my mind, and post them in Roblox, if you want you can follow me my username is XxChesca_lovesyouxX. yeah Chesca is my real name, but for USA people, it's Kiko. I also make cringy stories that make you get out of Earth 🤣 But that's it for now ;)

Cream Cream Sup, Im a JJBA Fan. Sep 12, 2023
In reply to Cream Cream

You're a Roblox game Dev?
Nice, I've been trying to make a game on there.
But- I don't know how to code in Lua, furthermore, I don't even know how to code at all.
I've Tried Python, But I forgot how to use it in a week of not coding in it-