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forgot I need to introduce myself

My name's Ayat
And I already did a post without actually introducing myself so yea now I feel more weird

But yes umm
I was born on 29 April 2007
I am a male why am I saying this make me feel like I'm in intro class
But yeah I'm just here to roan around and make some friends and explore the internet ig

Hope I do whatever I can to help a person up
Oh I missed the important part
I used blank.page for poems and stories I used to write
Still do but it's terrible so I stopped
But I hope to share it with everyone!
sorry I talk too much

Hope you all have a nice day

Hi. Im Jason. I mostly post tiktoks about Fortnite.

I randomly found this page and thought of writing something. Mostly because I'm bored. That's about it I guess.

(Side note: I hope you had a good day :] )