Jace Jace Lai0602 Jun 4, 2024

A new hotkey?

I was just using Blank Page, I just wanted to see if Blank Page had some functions like the Waterhole (The built-in text editor of Blank Page Cafe, please refer to this post for more information) and pressed ⌘ + K on my keyboard. Surprisingly, it popped up something like the command menu in Todoist, the Notion search in Notion and the MacOS Spotlight Search. Is it a new feature or it has been there for a long time and I hadn't found it out?

Edit: Also like the ultimate Visual Studio Code Command Line Interface!

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Here are some commands that I think can be added to the command menu:

  • link - adds a link (adds[](undefined) to the position of the text cursor)
  • themes - shows a list of available themes for the user to choose from like what VSCode does (idea from @overall player 's post)
  • cd - teleporting to other files
  • ls

ls is a Linux shell command that lists directory contents of files and directories. It provides valuable information about files, directories, and their attributes. - GeeksforGeeks

The format of the commands can be like Discord slash commands: /[COMMAND][REQUIRED VARIABLES][OPTIONAL VARIABLES]

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Thanks for the reply, I am looking forward to seeing the changes!